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Home of Heavenly Hash


Table of Contents
  1. What is hash?
  2. What corner are you on?
  3. What other kinds of food do you serve?
  4. Are you open on Holidays?
  5. Do you have specialty drinks?
  6. When do you serve Breakfast?

What is hash?

A mixture of meat, potatoes, peppers and onions grilled lightly in canola oil usually served with eggs on top. All of our hashes are prepared fresh daily using our secret recipe.

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What corner are you on... ?

We are located on the southwest corner behind SuperPawn and Red Robin.

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What other kinds of food do you serve ... ?

While hash is our specialty, we serve a large variety of different foods. We feature pancakes, Belgian waffles, omelets, bacon, sausage links and sausage patties. Additionally we make our own low cal breads, our own sugar free jelly and jams, plus many other products.

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Are you open on Holidays.. ?

We are open 362 days a year. The only Holidays (OR DAYS) we close are Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving. We believe these are days that all families should be together with each other and no-one should have to work.

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Do you have specialty drinks... ?

We do not serve Alcohol, however we do have a variety of specialty coffee drinks (such as local custom roasted coffee's), a wide selection of juices, retro sodas,  and other hot and iced drinks. We serve both Pepsi and Coca Cola products.

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When do you serve breakfast... ?

We serve breakfast all day. We also serve our lunches all day. So you can have lunch at 6:00 a.m. and breakfast at Noon!

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2605 S. Decatur Suite 103 Las Vegas Nevada 89102 Phone: (702) 873-9479